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My Gift

You have given me promises and hopes and dreams Upon my knees with your hand on my neck I look into your eyes and my heart starts to unwind You circle my wrist and ankles in chains An each secured tightly to the beds frame Your voice your touch drive me ahead That takes me to a place that I have never been You … Read More My Gift


Please Sir…..

Make it dirty, make it slow, Keep the rhythm dark and low, Grind and rub all hot and wet, Perfume my heat with lust and sweat. Paradise is right at hand And whip and cane and rope and brand, Heaven is in your touch and taste, I can try to struggle, try to escape, Unlock the handcuffs, peel off the tape, But I can’t get … Read More Please Sir…..


Wikipedia, Kneeling is a human position in which the weight is distributed on the knees and feet on a surface close to horizontal. The position of kneeling may be assumed for practical reasons and for reasons of social or religious custom. To some people kneeling or its meaning is not very important at all. Except to me it has a very important meaning. The only word I can associate within … Read More Kneeling

The evening I planned for Sir on the 4th of July

My Sir works hard and never takes time off to just relax. This fourth Sir is not working…. so I’m planning an evening for Sir’s enjoyment First,  I will be cooking Sir his favorite dinner…only in Sir’s apron of course. 🙂  Sir loves having access to what he owns and I love pleasing Sir. I will create Sir diner with Sir’s favorite foods.  Filet … Read More The evening I planned for Sir on the 4th of July

Quote by William Henkin

“Submission can actually engender power: realizing that you have something to give, and that you are capable of mastering your own will to give it up the way your top wants it instead of the way you think S/He should want it, can inspire pride: not the false pride of an inflated ego, but the true pride that, like humility, comes from knowing the … Read More Quote by William Henkin

What Is My Worth To My Sir?

What exactly is my worth to my Sir and what do I bring to Sir’s life? Do I make Sir’s life easier? I had to think about this … it is not a simple answer as it seems. In material terms, I am not really worth a lot…nor did I bring much to Sir’s life when we met, some personal effects, a little bit … Read More What Is My Worth To My Sir?

How does a 24/7 submissive behave in public and in private?

A good submissive will always remember her place, no matter where she is, and should behave accordingly. In public especially, a submissive needs to show respect to people around her. An owned submissive like myself, has to remember that whatever she does, is a direct reflection on her Sir/Master – if she misbehaves or is rude or disrespectful, it looks as if her Sir/Master … Read More How does a 24/7 submissive behave in public and in private?

+ Are there different types of submissives?

Are there different types of submissives?

 The simple answer is yes, we are not all tarred with the same brush, though we all have one main thing in common and that is the need to give control to someone else.  We crave the feelings that come from the power exchange, no matter what form it takes, from physical play sessions to a request to serve tea to the Dominant, and … Read More Are there different types of submissives?